Third-party solutions to optimize your AXIS Camera Station solution


Third-party analytic partners


Use artificial intelligence and computer vision to send event notifications for numerous situations

AiDANT AI analytics use the edge processing of the camera and allow you to receive events and overlays from the analytics into AXIS Camera Station. The analytics vary from loitering and intrusion, vehicle detection, occupancy, patient safety, retail queueing, as well as object anomalies like door ajar, tailgating, valuable objects absent/removed.

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Transform video into impact

The BriefCam platform drives exponential value from surveillance system investments by making video searchable, actionable and quantifiable. The integration with AXIS Camera Station provides a natural extension of both systems.

BriefCam video analytics

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Delivering the industry’s highest detection and classification accuracy through analytics

Evolon Edge runs directly on any Axis camera (ARTPEC 4 through 8) to provide unmatched detection accuracy and extensive range of performance while enabling you to do more with less. You are able to receive real-time events and overlays from the onboard analytics in AXIS Camera Station without the need for additional hardware or GPUs.

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Sound Intelligence

Best-in-class sound detection solutions for security and healthcare

Sound Intelligence analytics detects sound patterners associated with behaviors such as aggression, gun shots, and breaking glass. You are able to receive events and overlays from the analytic in AXIS Camera Station, so your security team can pro-actively de-escalate situations before they become physical.

Sound Intelligence solutions

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Storage partners


Tiger Surveillance

Seamlessly connect AXIS Camera Station storage to any cloud tier in minutes

Surveillance Bridge is a software-only data management solution that connects local AXIS Camera Station storage with any cloud tier for unlimited capacity and Disaster Recovery. It installs in 5 minutes and does not require any downtime, changes in operations or cloud expertise.

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Delivering the most scalable, secure hybrid cloud storage solution for video surveillance data

Wasabi Surveillance Cloud integrates with AXIS Camera Station to seamlessly extend on-prem storage to the cloud—freeing up local capacity while providing instant access to video & the fastest disaster recovery. Users access cloud data directly from AXIS Camera Station — no additional hardware or reboot required!

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Sensor partners


Improve safety, quality of care, and compliance with HALO’s multi-function sensor

The HALO Smart Sensor can be integrated into AXIS Camera Station Video Management Software using the RTSP output from the HALO device and the generic URL support of AXIS Camera Station.

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Bring your retail point-of-sale (POS) transactions into your AXIS Camera Station system.

AXIS Camera Station POS integration allows ingesting of your transactional data for forensic searching. Pair transactions with the associated video to quickly find and verify transactions that have occurred.

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Epic Monitor ECAL

Receive on-screen analytical notifications on in-room events through a single user interface

AXIS Camera Station video management software provides the Epic linking required for device assignment, multi-view observation, camera view control, two-way audio control, pre-recorded phrases based on the patient's preferred language, and notifications based on camera analytics of in-room events all within Epic Monitor.

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Monitoring partners


Improve your ability to manage and respond through an easy-to-use software integration platform

Immix integrates with AXIS Camera Station to deliver a single “pane of glass” user interface for the monitoring center. IMMIX addresses issues of running a complex security operation delivering verification and response.

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