There is a lot to consider when designing a network audio system. Some projects can be more challenging than others. Whether you’re an audio professional or want to begin offering audio as part of your security and business solutions, we'll help design an Axis network audio system to help solve your customers’ needs.

Using state of the art audio software, we’ll deliver a complete Axis network audio design for you to propose to your client. You’ll get speaker type, number of speakers, layout in various areas, and heat maps illustrating dB coverage − all in an easy to propose format. Most consultations and design plans are complimentary. With Axis Audio Design services, you are never left on your own − we are here to help!

Axis Audio Design Service

  • Audio system consultation and design
  • Speaker placement (when floor plan provided)
  • Audio coverage and dB levels represented with heat maps

How to get started

  • Add your contact information in the online form on this page and click “Submit”
  • Axis Channel Partners will receive an email with a link to download the Network Audio Site Survey form
  • Download and save the Network Audio Site Survey form PDF
  • Fill in the fields on the form to tell us about your Axis network audio project
  • Save your completed form
  • Have your floor plan available to share (preferred)
  • An Axis representative will be in touch soon to request your form and floor plans, confirm details, and get started on your plan.  

Why add network audio?

Audio is a proactive system that impacts your client’s environment. Whether playing background or foreground music with announcements to set the mood, delivering marketing messages in a store, paging a worker in a warehouse or student in a school, or integrating alerts or deterrence audio announcements with our video security systems − audio is an important part of any business.

Let us help

Why not let us help you propose an Axis network audio system installation in your next project? If you’ve never designed or installed an audio system, it can be a time consuming and challenging experience − that’s where we can help. Our Axis Audio Design Service will provide you with design, proposal and sales assistance to make sure your Axis network audio system meets and exceeds your customers’ expectations.

Request the form now.

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