ISC West 2023

International Security Conference & Exposition 
Exhibit Hall: March 29 – 31, 2023 | Venetian Expo, Las Vegas
Axis Booth #14051

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what's new

What's new, what's next?

  • Cutting edge camera lineup featuring our ARTPEC 8 chipset
  • Analytics with actionable insights
  • Simple and efficient video surveillance and access control
  • Customizable devices and accessories 
  • Brand new network audio hardware and software
  • Proactive device management solutions
  • Door and access control for all applications
  • Technology integrations partners that expand the possibilities

New Axis Products on Display

Video Management Software and System Design

A single platform to manage Axis security solutions

What you’ll experience in our booth:

  • Demo of the object based search and license plate search in AXIS Camera Station
  • A walk through our tools built to support our partners in the design, sales, installation and maintenance process
  • See our software that combines cameras, analytics, audio and access control in action

Body worn solutions

Deter, protect and gather the evidence you need

  • Join us as we reveal a highly anticipated new feature for body worn solutions
  • Walk through a total body worn solution that supports you from the field to the court
  • Observe the sleek Europa cabinet solution hosting up to 40 body worn cameras for optimized storage and organization
  • Learn more about partner integrations that tailor our solution for your security needs and industry

IP Access Control and Software

Unified video and access control with AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry

  • The new single-door and two-door controllers with barebone options for easy installation
  • Demos of license plates and QR codes as credentials
  • Check out the intuitive interface of our access control software

Network Audio

Next generation ceiling and pendant speakers

  • Better audio quality even for high ceilings
  • IP 45 and UL 2043 plenum rated
  • Limits unwanted noise
  • Indoor and outdoor options
  • Includes built-in audio configuration software

AXIS Device Manager Extend

Proactive management of your Axis devices

  • Remotely monitor and manage your Axis devices in one intuitive platform
  • View real-time overviews of device statuses and inventories
  • Proactively plan for product discontinuations, replacements, and warranty expiration
  • Easily apply cybersecurity settings and upgrade firmware

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Speaking Sessions

You won't want to miss this

Improving supply chain efficiency and security with computer vision

March 28, 10 AM - 11 AM

Quang Trinh, Axis Communications
Don MacPherson, Deloitte Canada

Supply chain issues impact almost every industry, causing major disruptions and creating new challenges for organizations around the globe. Approximately 80 percent of global goods are transported by ships, making ports a critical infrastructure component. 
Join the panel to learn how computer vision is being used by the Port of Vancouver to automate decision-making, replace manual data entry, and provide insights that create operational efficiency.

Quang Trinh

Manager, Solutions and Services Americas
Mr. Trinh holds a Bachelor of Science degree in information technology, is an Axis Certified Professional and an ASIS Physical Security Professional. He is an active member of InfraGuard, ASIS Security and Applied Sciences Community, SIA’s Drone, Robotics, and AI group, and is serving as Vice Chair of the Local San Diego ASIS chapter.

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Challenging the status quo: the next generation of security professionals and the future of the security industry

March 29, 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM

Erin C. Mann, Latch
Jackie Paryz, Securitas USA
Kelly DeLeo, Axis Communications

How do we attract new talent? How do we shape a future for all security professionals?
As a security industry professional, you should have a say in defining the direction, ambition & vision of the industry. If you've ever felt you could make a bigger impact on the future of the security industry, this interactive session is for you. We will workshop what we imagine for the security industry of the future and identify ways we all can be change agents to make that transformation possible.

Kelly DeLeo

Senior Manager, Solutions Acceleration,
Business Development Americas

Kelly DeLeo is the senior manager for Axis’ solutions acceleration team. She has a Bachelors’ degree in Communications from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and a Graduate Certificate in the Foundations of Business from the University of Massachusetts Lowell. 

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Sound in the security ecosystem

March 29, 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM

Cameron Javdani, SoundSecure
Dan Rothrock, Zenitel
Derek van der Vorst, Sound Intelligence
Gina Sansivero, AtlasIED
James Marcella, Axis Communications

This session will present how audio technologies interact in access control and video surveillance applications, the business case for integrators to offer audio, and the legal and privacy best practices for using sound in security.
This session will also feature a roundtable session in which attendees can ask a panel of industry experts about common audio questions they hear from their clients.

James Marcella

Industry Associations Axis Communications

With 25 years of experience at Axis Communications, James Marcella oversees industry associations for North American operations, including ASIS International and the Security Industry Association (SIA). James currently serves as a Community Vice President for three ASIS communities, School Safety and Security, Healthcare and Commercial Real Estate.

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Threats from above: using counter drone technology to build resiliency in critical infrastructure

March 29, 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM

Jackson Markey, Dedrone
Joe Morgan, Axis Communications

Security risks come in many forms these days including drones. Recognizing the threats that these unmanned aerial vehicles present to its Tier One critical infrastructure building, security personnel at Consolidated Edison of New York looked for a solution and found Dedrone and Axis Communications. In this session, attendees will learn about ConEd’s journey in assessing their risk and deploying the DedroneTracker solution with Axis camera integration. Axis and Dedrone personnel will also provide a history of threats facing the critical infrastructure industry and deploying modern solutions for addressing them.

Joe Morgan

Business Development Manager
Critical Infrastructure, Axis

Joe Morgan is the Segment Development Manager for Critical Infrastructure at Axis Communications, Inc. In this capacity, he is responsible for developing strategies and building channel relationships to expand Axis’ presence in markets specific to Critical Infrastructure in North America. Mr. Morgan has his CFATS certification and is an active member with ASIS. He holds a B.A. in education from the University of Texas at Arlington.

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Emerging leaders: how to run an organized committee

March 29, 02:15 PM - 03:15 PM

Erin C. Mann, Latch
Kelsey Carnell, Axis Communications

In this session we will talk through prompts at each table and uncover what it truly means to manage-up, capitalize on coopetition and how to lead a volunteer team that is organized, diverse, aligned and all beating to the same drum. We will talk about the importance of listening more than we speak, having a "seat at the table", making space for other YP's to have a voice and always appreciating "the human on the other side" of every interaction.

Kelsey Carnell

Regional Sales Manager
Northeast Americas

Kelsey Carnell works as a regional sales manager in New England. She is a former SIA RISE Chair, current Boston ASIS Vice Chair and an active member in the TIME Mentorship program.

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Workforce development executive briefing: attracting talent and retaining top talent

March 29, 03:30 PM - 04:30 PM

Kerri Sutherland, Axis Communications
John M. Nemerofsky, SAGE Integration
Yaron Zussman, Magos America Inc.

Workforce development is regularly identified as one of the top challenges for companies and businesses in the security industry. 
Join members of the Foundation for Advancing Security Talent (FAST) Board of Directors as they examine current workforce development challenges and present strategies to help companies find and train committed and qualified employees who want to use their abilities in careers that are both productive and purposeful.

Kerri Sutherland

HR Business Partnerships

Kerri Sutherland has held the position of Human Resource Business Partner at Axis Communications since 2017. She holds an MBA with a concentration in human resource management from the University of Texas and is certified as a Senior Professional by the Society of Human Resource Management.

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Signals from noise. Can image quality be standardized?

March 30, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

James Marcella, Axis Communications

Can something as subjective as image quality be defined on a datasheet?  Can a single camera parameter be quantified without understanding the use case of the camera?  Can a manufacturer “game the standard” by manipulating camera settings to reach compliance?  
The SIA Video and Vision Sub-Committee embarked on a project to evaluate existing image quality standards to answer these and other questions. Join the session to see for yourself through recorded video how current cameras score and if they meet expectations. 

James Marcella

Industry Associations Axis Communications

With 25 years of experience at Axis Communications, James Marcella oversees industry associations for North American operations, including ASIS International and the Security Industry Association (SIA). James currently serves as a Community Vice President for three ASIS communities, School Safety and Security, Healthcare and Commercial Real Estate.

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Modern device management: system reliability, customer satisfaction and integrator success

March 30, 02:15 PM - 03:15 PM

Eric Jackel, Prosegur
Patrik Pettersson, Axis Communications

With billions of connected devices already on networks (and more being added every day), device management represents a critical need for end-users and an enormous opportunity for security system integrators. 
In this session, you will learn about modern device management technologies and their capabilities, how integrators are moving from a reactive break-fix model to a proactive management approach, about a lifecycle management and how it can generate long-term solutions, and the new ways to add value for customers.

Patrik Pettersson

Senior Manager, New Projects
Business Development Americas

Patrik Pettersson serves as the Senior Manager of Strategic Innovations for Axis Communications, Inc. In this role, Mr. Pettersson and his team work on commercialization, monetization and packetization of future SAAS offerings enhancing the value of Axis’ portfolio of products and software.

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