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Printing & Design Facility


DS Graphics | Universal Wilde protects operations and sensitive client documents with an integrated Axis surveillance and access control solution. Besides safety and security, the system provides detailed user logs for security audits. Discover how DS Graphics utilized AXIS Camera Station to manage their comprehensive Axis security solution for their new 307,000 square foot building.

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Education & Cities


Hernando public schools image

PTZ camera mounted in a brick wall in outside hallway

Hernando County School District

When an abandoned backpack with a magazine with several hollow-point rounds of ammunition but no weapon was found in a trashcan inside the school, the Hernando County School District used Smart Search 2 within AXIS Camera Station to identify where the backpack was at a point of time and search for the absence of the backpack in the scene, determining when the backpack was left and who left it.

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Looking to upgrade their old analog surveillance system with a new end-to-end security solution, the Hernando County School District discovered Axis' open platform, 3rd party integrations, and camera health monitoring. Using AXIS Camera Station turned their security solution from reactive and preventative.

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Chelmsford Public School District

Switching from a previous video management system plagued with issues like cameras going offline or not recording properly to no one being alerted if there was a problem to AXIS Camera Station, the school district has been able to continuously record camera feeds as well as manage horn speakers and security radars.

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University of Hawaii ALOHA Cabled Observatory

While sending down Axis PTZ cameras three miles down under the Pacific Ocean to obtain continuous footage of deep-sea marine environment, AXIS Camera Station was on the surface allowing scientists to manage their recordings.

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Bridgewater State University

Bridgewater State University steps up campus safety/security with a cohesive end-to-end solution from Axis. AXIS Camera Station replaced their legacy video management allowing admins to quickly push out updates to all camera and monitor their health and status.

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University of Wisconsin-Parkside

The police department at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside permanently used our body worn solution after being a pilot but added our AXIS Camera Station software to their solution to easily assign cameras to officers, pull clips to share with other parties, and more.

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Concorida Lutheran School

Concorida Lutheran School keeps a protective eye over students, faculty, and organizations during school hours and while renting the property out after hours with AXIS Camera Station and AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry.

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Washington Community High School

Washington Community High School saves hours of searching through video and decreasing false alarms with an Axis surveillance system including AXIS Camera Station, freeing up employees to spend more time monitoring the school for potential problems.

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Knoch School District

Changing from a legacy analog camera system to an Axis end-to-end solution, they reduced camera count, increased coverage, and saved nearly $60K in cabling costs and licensing fees.

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Auburn, NH Police

The Auburn Police Department implemented Axis body worn cameras for their force and included AXIS Camera Station in their solution for storing, organizing, and reviewing the body worn camera footage.

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Marguerites Place

With a full IP-network video system donated by Axis including AXIS Camera Station, a senior worker at Marguerite's Place can be available 24/7 to pull up relevant video as needed, letting mothers in crisis feel safe and transition towards independence.

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Town of Billerica

AXIS Camera Station allows the Billerica Police Department to use surveillance reactively by responding to system-activated alerts or retrieving evidence for investigations instead of live monitoring their video feeds.

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New Windsor Police

In conjunction with their Axis body worn cameras, the department also installed AXIS Camera Station video management software to simplify updating cameras with the latest software and firmware and storing, viewing, and exporting video evidence. 

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Retail & Commerical


Kappy's Fine Wine & Spirits

Looking for a modern surveillance system to monitor inventory and reduce shrink, Kappy's installed a custom-built network video recorder along with Axis network cameras and AXIS Camera Station which allowed them to remotely monitor the retailer's 12 stores across Massachusetts.

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Enterprise Park, Inc

By implementing AXIS Camera Station and AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry, Enterprise Park, a boat/RV storage facility, seamlessly integrated surveillance with gate entry control, creating a virtual concierge service to their customers.

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Sensory Interactive

After installing massive digital media projects for companies around the world, Sensory Interactive needed to easily monitor the displays around the clock for any performance issues. They used AXIS Camera Station in order to get live camera feeds to their desktops, laptops, and smartphone for 24/7 monitoring.

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Critical Infrastructure & Industrial

Critical Infrastructure

KS Energy Services

After moving to a new office site, the Midwest gas and electric company needed to update their current surveillance system to one with scalability options, a sleek interface, and easy video export. They were able to add AXIS Camera Station into their current environment with ease. 

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In a factory where worker safety is crucial and the facility needs to stay secure, Autoneum implemented AXIS Camera Station video management software to give remote access to credentialed employees for faster incident responses and quicker resolutions to problems.

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Hampton Affiliates

This lumber mill in the Pacific Northwest hosts massive pieces of machinery that provide countless risks to staff. AXIS Camera Station allows management to keep watch of their expansive facilities and easily play find and export footage for operational and safety questions.

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