Order Validation for Restaurants. 

Is delivery taking a bite out of your bottom line?

App-based food delivery services are used every day by customers and restaurants. Once food leaves your location, you lose sight of that order. When a discrepancy happens, delivery services refund first and ask questions later, resulting in an expensive bill for your business especially when you cannot verify that the order was fulfilled as requested. Until now...

Respond to delivery claims by seamlessly searching order numbers for validation of packaging within seconds.

Overhead camera allows smooth introduction to your order fulfillment process.

Respond to claims without process disruption

Axis Communications offers an easy to deploy solution that can save you time and money as you fulfill orders. A network camera equipped with a video analytic reads receipt order numbers and bookmarks them in AXIS Camera Station video management software. This gives you an easy and quick way to search orders and respond to claims.

The benefits include:

  • Improved fulfillment processes
  • Visual documentation of orders
  • Quick search-ability on past orders
  • Case management assistance
  • Limited change to the back of house operations

Remember, not all claims can be classified as theft...

Was the food packed?

Interest in using drive-thrus and delivery services has increased the nnumber of orders and mistakes can happen.

Was the food lost in transit?

Once the food is picked up, you lose sight of the order. Delivery services are on their honor to deliver the food as it was picked up.

Was the food delivered?

"The customer's always right." However, in some cases, a customer wants a free meal and may file false claims with delivery apps. 

Customer Story - In Action

The franchisee of a major quick-serve restaurant chain was losing thousands of dollars a month stemming from food delivery apps. In order to validate order fulfillment, the customer had to manually take images or skim through hours of video data to find each order. By using an Axis analytic software and AXIS Camera Station, the customer was able to track each order as it was put together and prove the restaurant fulfilled the order as requested, resulting in no loss of money. 

Download the flyer as a snapshot of our order validation solution to save and share with your colleagues.

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Looking to improve the efficiency of your entire restaurant?

As the market leader in network video, our intelligent products and technologies have been designed to work seamlessly together in a single software, AXIS Camera Station. So, why have separate systems for video, access control, and audio when you can have a complete solution to help increase security and simplify your day to day operations?

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